Was supposed to be writing about my indecent (and recent) London Shop-A-Thon but… just…too…excited. Why is that? Two words. BUM BAGS. I can’t explain how much I am all over the new fannypack. Trashy, flashy, they are the hip to the hop, the b to the bop, sheer tacky brilliance. I mean they are practical – no one can deny them that. Their original reason for being – guarding your passport, your monies and your keys – are still very valid reasons in the lawless, feckless underbelly of Irish Socialising. I regularly drop (fling) my wallet/scarf/keys/hat/coat/kitchen sink/identity/jewelery/sweeties at various stages of a night out. Sometimes even in my own home. Imagine the unadulterated freedom of knowing that everything you needed was safely ensconced in a sturdy, hip-hugging, bum-tugging hold-all? And now the fact that bumbags have been tarted up to the high heavens, the possibilities are endless. Please see Rihanna, always ahead of the curve, (designers whispering sweet nothings into her ear), donning a Louis Vuitton beauty back at Christmas 09. Vuitton then pimped them all out over the catwalk for S/S 10, with designer Marc Jacobs presenting his own sporty little numbers for his show. Ashish have built the bum bag into jogging pants (my 2nd most favourite thing in the world) and trotted out some spiky, studded beauties, of which, I’m sure we’ll see replicas on the high street shortly. American Apparel have a variety for both men and women, being the outré fashion leaders that they are. But it is hats off to Yana who have thoroughly smacked that ass with a series of superbly trashy, quilted bum bags.
Between the mc-hammer pants, the bodysuits, the knuckledusters and now the fannypack, I was clearly queen of the 80s. No scrap that, I AM the 80’s.

oh she knows it. rihanna stamp of approval

vuitton – understanding the impact of double bum-bags

marc jacobs – if you like pastel matchy-matchy

ashish doing dominatrix studded style

more ashish studs, this time with tie-dye balloons

yana: i want i want i want

sunny bum-bag brilliance.  gonna rock that on me holliers