Midday of Day 2 approaches and with the informal meet ‘n greet over (Ooh, I love your shoes. No, I love your shoes. Where did you get that ring? etcetc) , we get down to politics. The ONLY team have arranged lunch for us whereupon we have a presentation by an ONLY jeans denim expert, a dissection of the brand, a behind-the-scenes of the upcoming lookbook and video and a blog session with Denmark’s most successful blogger.

Some interesting facts:

– On average 55 people are involved with the production of every pair of ONLY jeans. Obviously some more, some less.

– They actually use stones in the making of stone-wash denim. Would you credit it?

– Jeans have to reflect the market right? So Scandinavian peeps like to hide their bums – hence clean, streamlined jeans. The Mediterranean peeps like to showcase their bums, hence inbuilt bum lifting technology and detailing. Not sure where the Irish stand with their denim-ensconced bums yet.

– Dungarees are here to stay. I finally have to admit defeat and accept that Fashion Declares It So.

I wore my little black culottes from H+M, the oyster pink blouse from Zara (buttoned to the top), my Moshino belt, my new Office shoes and a veritable arsenal of rings. You might notice my two-tone hair. As in, two different colours. I have honestly no idea how that happened. I haven’t dyed my hair in about 2 years on account of the dreadlock debacle (another story for another post) so I’m absolutely nonplussed as to how I have two-tone hair. I also have to accept that I am not built for fringes and it is time to let mine go. Adieu Fringey. Can’t say it’s been too swell, but it’s definitely been interesting.

So Katja talked us through some of the Marketing and the direction of denim and what’s in store for next year and we got to look at the film for the upcoming line. It’s quite nice to see the collection as a film – you can see movement in the clothes and you get more of a behind-the-scene feel so the whole thing becomes more authentic. Anyway, we’re looking at high-waisted flares for the 70’s Celine inspired looks, drop-crotches with tapered leg (my personal fave for those who like to hide the thigh but not the style), khaki sports-luxe and lots of leather…shorts, dresses, jackets…denim and leather, leather and denim. We also had a de-briefing with Julia Lahme, Denmark’s most popular blogger, whereby the group had a bit of a love-in on how awesome we were. Apparently pretty awesome.

Next up was dinner and dancing. And sushi. Lots of sushi. I ate so much sushi I may have turned Japanese. And to think my first sushi experience was only 4 weeks ago… I’m only sushi-lite though. Avocado all the way… me and dead, scaly, fleshy fishy things do not get on. We also got some impromptu style advice on how to tie a headband properly (knot at the front and at the back) and a debate on tattoos. Sara (from Sweden) has a tattoo of Bruce Springsteen. The debate was pretty heated until we saw that. The cool factor could not be contested. So sushi and drinking and dancing and when we returned to our rooms, little care packages containing water and peanuts and headache tablets had been left out for us. Could the Danes be anymore organised?
Copenhagen Part 3 on the way.