Lorna's Hair. Looks better on Lorna

Ok, so Lornas Debs is tonight. Her House of Fraser dress didn’t arrive and so emergency dress had to be purchased in record time. Emergency shoes, bag, cape and hair-piece also had to be acquired. Mc Ginn household has been on Red Alert all week. Hair has been done ala Megan Fox via Veronica Lake, although looks like there’s a little droppage action going on. New shoes are being broken-in, but that might just mean early onset blisters in advance of tonight. House is being cleaned, sandwiches are being made – it’s go, go GO people. Absolute PANIC STATIONS.Honestly, I feel like the Queen is arriving. More updates later.


Ruby Rocks

Gosh, with all the excitement this week – Brian Cowen and his worldwide intervention, the Pope and his lackluster ticket sales, Colleen and Rooney crisis talks (and Colleen’s eyebrows – wtf?)  – there’s hasn’t been much time for hardcore lust research. Half the team are on holidays, Lorna is in the thick of Debs Drama, Sarah is recuperating after all the video stress (check it out here) and Rachel is still celebrating her JC results.  But fear not, Jennie is on the case, the case specifically being tasty, ethical treats from Fashion Conscience. Read the rest of this entry »

So, myself Grace and Lorna headed down to the ONLY jeans Airbourne event last Friday. It was the launch of the A/W collection and was held in Weston Airport. The ONLY team fly to numerous locations all over Europe and stage a show on each runway. Totally inspired event, not least with an all-you-can-eat Eddie Rockets buffet. We caught up with some of the glitterati to find out what they were looking forward to wearing over the coming months and what they were excited about in the collection. The sound is a little rough around the edges, but unfortunately the Hills filming crew were double-booked that day. Muchos thanks to Sarah for putting it all together. Check it out below!

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it's ok...it's mulberry

Just a little something The Guardian’s providing us to busy ourselves at lunchtime today. Click http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/interactive/2010/sep/15/fashion-mulberry to get your copy and have fun pretending you achieved your childhood dream!

Yigal Azrouel

Well unfortunately this year we missed out on our tickets to New York fashion week (some of you might recall our fluke encounter with a certain Ms Kelly Cutrone and our admittance into a certain Alexandre Herchcovitch show last year…where we brushed shoulders with our buds Kanye and Anna and the likes. If not check it out here!) but na bi buartha, I’ve kept a critical eye on the goings on across the pond and here’s my pick of the best trends and collections…

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Oi Ronson! Stop being such a sap and put it away! Nobody needs to see you getting the locks done – WTF  – who cares like? I mean, a video – really? Like really-really?  And just for the record, you were alright with the chestnut mane; now you just look like a potato.

Video after the break. Contains some distressing scenes and bleaching imagery.

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I got meself a parka. A staple must if you will. I went for pretty-grungy and festival-grungy. Even though I didn’t make it to a festival this year. The SHAME. Read the rest of this entry »

Check out ONLY using some of us bloggers as models. That’s right MO-delsSwit swoo. Notice how the only acceptable pic of me is when I’m looking at the ground, turned away from the camera, with the jacket actually hiding my body. Now that is how you model when you ain’t one. You gotta hide. See more here.

Hold onto your braces people, This is England ’86 is definitely the real A/W trend we’ve been waiting for. You can shove your camel, eat your shearling cap and say goodbye to 1950s feminine restraint. Lol, Kelly and Smell are this seasons superheros. Read the rest of this entry »

I refuse to bid fair well to my most treasured item of summer clothing, the playsuit. My playsuits have got me through so much these past months.  Casual barbeques, slouchy beach trips, grungy festivals – even formal gatherings. I am nothing without my playsuits. My love affair with playsuits started some months ago when my mother so graciously brought me home a lovely navy playsuit with beautiful yellow and white detailing for a mere 25 yoyos. Along came the black and white floral – very casual surfer chick and from a small market shop in France. Only a tenner. I kid you not. Some more to join the pack was a lovely choral one (purchased from the same market shop in france), a very beachy denim hollister piece and a polka dot black and white bargain from Pennys, ‘borrowed’ off a friend. (yes you MAY get it back some day). Read the rest of this entry »


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