Ruby Rocks

Gosh, with all the excitement this week – Brian Cowen and his worldwide intervention, the Pope and his lackluster ticket sales, Colleen and Rooney crisis talks (and Colleen’s eyebrows – wtf?)  – there’s hasn’t been much time for hardcore lust research. Half the team are on holidays, Lorna is in the thick of Debs Drama, Sarah is recuperating after all the video stress (check it out here) and Rachel is still celebrating her JC results.  But fear not, Jennie is on the case, the case specifically being tasty, ethical treats from Fashion Conscience. I have been meaning to do a piece about the detriment of ‘fast fashion’, our throwaway culture and the furious trend cycle for some time now. However, Friday Flash Lust is neither the time nor the place for such rabble-rousing. Instead my focus is on the extremely covetable stock on ethical fashion site Fashion Conscience. If, like me, you have associated ethical fashion with jesus sandals and socks, tent-shaped hemp skirts and bamboo bikini tops (narrow-minded, I know – but we’ve all seen that look on our travels…), then be prepared to eat your mink fur stole.


Bourgeois Boheme

Beautiful bags abound, from the likes of Bourgeois Boheme and Matt and Nat – all vegan, all fair trade and all supersexy. Uncommonly Beautiful do uncommonly beautiful jewellery, and provide that one-of-a-kind feeling you just can’t buy on the highstreet.

Uncommonly Beautiful

Matt by Matt and Nat

Great printed pieces from People Tree and Ruby Rocks (that jumpsuit is MINE – I saw it first) and just a general collection on flattering, interesting pieces that aren’t too trend-driven. Fashion Conscience. com here I come

People Tree