Hold onto your braces people, This is England ’86 is definitely the real A/W trend we’ve been waiting for. You can shove your camel, eat your shearling cap and say goodbye to 1950s feminine restraint. Lol, Kelly and Smell are this seasons superheros. Get your Fred Perry, button it to the top, snap your braces and take a swig of cider. Undercuts, side cuts, skull cuts, mow-hawks – all tinged baby pink or bleach blonde. No underwear-as-outwear style tops. UNDER-FUCKING-WEAR plain and simple like. Match with some New Romantic tulle skirts and a dirty pair of Doc Martens and you’re hot to trot. Optional extras include  a pork-pie hat,  a TBM (totally bleedin’ MASSIVE)  bow, a flash of tartan and every colour eyeshadow you have (all at once). And shove yer 9-5.

To be fair, this stuff has never really left the fashion world, but if Lookbook is a barometer of worldwide fashion trending, you only need peep below to see how much Skinhead style is permeating the noughties stylistic lexicon.