I refuse to bid fair well to my most treasured item of summer clothing, the playsuit. My playsuits have got me through so much these past months.  Casual barbeques, slouchy beach trips, grungy festivals – even formal gatherings. I am nothing without my playsuits. My love affair with playsuits started some months ago when my mother so graciously brought me home a lovely navy playsuit with beautiful yellow and white detailing for a mere 25 yoyos. Along came the black and white floral – very casual surfer chick and from a small market shop in France. Only a tenner. I kid you not. Some more to join the pack was a lovely choral one (purchased from the same market shop in france), a very beachy denim hollister piece and a polka dot black and white bargain from Pennys, ‘borrowed’ off a friend. (yes you MAY get it back some day).

Now to show some very embarrassing photos of said playsuits. Photography courtesy of Lorna (who really needs to stop watching Americas Next Top Model. I was actually told to ‘smize’ (smile with your eyes) and bite my back teeth together (supposedly it creates a stronger jaw?) on more then one occasion. But still, she was handy with the ole camera none the less.

1. Playsuit – Shop in France
Headband – Vintage
Boots – Pennys
Belts – River Island, Pennys
Earrings – Pennys

Lets try something more festival. Constipation Chic

2. Playsuit –
Hat – Pennys
Sandals – Mango
Necklaces – A-wear, Accessorise
Bag – Pennys
Bangles – A-wear
Earrings – Pennys

Ok...you're a monkey. Yeah, a monkey in a tree. Work it Tarzan, work it

3. Playsuit – Borrowed…
Necklaces – Various
Cons – Office
Clutch – Century 21
Hairband – Boutique in Kildare

Jaysus they're bleedin' KILLIN me

4. Playsuit – Hollister
Scarves – Pennys, Urban Outfitters
Belt – H+M
Boots – Topshop
Headband – Pennys

Ok Tarzan didn't work, let's pretend you're being eaten alive