The ONLY jeans A/W launch was on Friday – we have more details on that to follow, but we took some piccies of our outfits. Just to confirm that we don’t actually sit around in tracksuit bottoms and over sized charity t-shirts with greasy hair and 3 day-old make-up all the time.  Gosh, that was an awfully detailed description…

Grace is wearing some skinny black jeans from TK-Max, denim shirt from Pennys, her Jacinta earrings from Accessorise and this really cheap necklace that she is EXTREMELY attached to. It has three layers with a dangly Eiffel tower and two rings and it’s a little decrepit from age, and a little green from cheapness.  But by god, if you borrow it, be it on your head.

Here is I with my errant fringe (for the love of God – what is the secret? This baby was straightened to the high heavens before I left the house, but sure half of it has disappeared in a pfffftt of frizz). I have a sheer, dusky pink shirt from Cheap Monday, maxi skirt from ONLY, my Finsk wedges, leather jacket from Lipsy and a fur thing I stole off someones jacket. Tied with a bra strap. Needs must.

Lorna here with her brand-spanking-new Pennys cargo pants. Exact rip of the J Houlihans, fair play. She’s got a grey t-shirt from Marks and a draped, linen jacket from H+M. To finish, a watch stolen from Dad and my DESERT BOOTS from Topshop. There is a heated debate in the Mc Ginn house as to the style of those boots. I know they are desert style, Grace insists they are runner boots. What do you think??