So I collected a print I had been admiring for a while. I’m on a bit of a print binge at the moment. It’s by an artist/ photographer called Rosco. I spied his work when he did some stuff for the Kings of Concrete this year. Trained in film photography, but a dab hand at the ‘ol photoshop malarkey, he is one hardworking chappie. The piece I got is a picture of a girl with a hefty chunk of digital wizardry on top.  It’s kinda Blade Runner/Metropolis/Cyber Goth stuff and I like it.

Channeling my inner goth… It’s not something I would usually go for,  but I just think this print is really stand out. Rosco is quite involved with the Burlesque scene, so lot’s of old-style glamour in his portfolio, lots of great filmic stuff, and a whole slew of horror shots. He also teaches both film and Photoshop, and is offering a discount to any WWIWT readers at the moment, so drop him a mail on facebook – he works under the name Oyster Zepplin. He’s also quite possibly the nicest guy I have ever met!