Oh the everlasting beauty of a plain white tee. Nothing compares to that exquisite feeling of happiness after slipping on the perfect fail-safe t-shirt. It just screams YESSSSsss. Searching frantically through a warzone of clothes for anything marginally appealing to wear is unfortunately something I know to well. Throwing combinations of cropped/sequined/striped/floral/knit/silk tops in every direction possible is often ended with a simple action of fitting on an ever-reliant white tee in some shape or another. When an outfit is almost out the door and something is still not right: too fussy, too planned, too much, too tight… the answer is clear. 

Swap it for that secret weapon of an item which switches every outfit up and makes any almost any look seem effortless. The perfect t-shirt is god-like. Coming in many shapes and forms it delivers fashion forward effortlessness day in and night out. The night out tee is my personal favourite. The possibilities are truly endless. Be it worn loose and almost see-through with too many chains, crisp with a bib.  Or my recent preferred choice… cutesy and capped sleeved, it sits juuust above the waistband of super skinny jeans, this one is topped off with sky scrapping statement heels. Sexy stuff I’m tellin’ you.

There is only one down fall to this wardrobe staple and it comes in the form of Megan Fox. Wow she really has a way of ruining simple things for the rest of us with her cruel beauty. That hair to start with, was created by golden jewel encrusted cherub angels. Those eyes. Those lips. That scene in Transformers where a car desperately needs her to lean over it making us all hate her JUST a little bit. The thing about Fox is, she is the queen of white cotton. Fox does plain white tees like no other. Every photo shoot, “ahh sure we’ll shtick a wife beater on her”. The lady doesn’t really need much else does she? Tear. But in my opinion this downfall, though clearly a substantial one, is one I guess I can live with. Or I shall try anyway ‘cause frankly, in a game of pros and cons, ten-second-outfit-planning trumps celebrity-envy any day.

Sadhbh xx