Who’s lusting what this week?

Well, as we all know, Lorna is having a few ‘Debs Issues’. When I say few, I mean many. That is to say, her Debs is one week away and until yesterday, she had no dress. Which means no shoes, no bag, no hairstyle, no make-up and worst of all….NO CUMMERBUND! Her date has been MAJORLY stressing and ‘can’t work under these conditions’. But fear not, House of Fraser came to the rescue. The Aftershock Marlie dress is divine, divine, DIVINE.

So, we all know the plane has landed right? Aviator style shearling jackets are exponentially multiplying across catwalk, magazine and high street rail. But how does one get on board this delicious trend whilst trying to retain a shred of individuality? Grace reckons some of these have an extra little kick to them. What do you think? It’s going straight to the source – Burberry and Balmain – but possibly that’s the key. Avoid the derivatives by going to the original?

Now in fairness to Sarah, she’s pretty good on the ‘ol time management (some of the other Mc Ginns struggle slightly in that department. Not to name names or anything, but Grace, Rachel and Mother Dearest come to mind…),  so it came as a suprise to see she’d been perving on watches. Micheal Kors Plastic Fantastic ones to be exact. There is obviously only one contender, and that is the pink. Now Sarah has already been lusting after some watches – the Swatch collection, and I’m thinking Kors V Swatch in the price department? Better go retro Sarah.

Now, me, myself and I – what have I got a hankering for? Well I likes this Acne pleated maxi skirt very muchly. I like that is has a bit of see-through action going on, but I’m not sure if I could carry off those pleats – think you need an SS for that (straight up, straight down. I have thighs. Thighs people, THIGHS)

I LOVE these Kermit Tesoro skull shoes – brings new depths to the term ‘killer heels’. I think they are vampy, glampy and will definitely scare the boys away.

I also want this Christopher Raeburn parka. He’s a new British designer and he’s all about the green. The parka is recycled and no doubt stitched together with love and care. I’m coming to a point where I can’t suppress my guilt about where the clothes are coming from ( I feel an ECO-LOVE post coming on very soon…)

And that’s it for this week folks – some of the gang are on their holliers, so what we have must suffice. Please do let us know what you’re lusting after and we’ll post it alongside our TOTALLY UNOBTAINABLE lust items.