Check out these little bad boys. Behind the shoot interviews of Nylon Magazine cover stars. Maybe wait until you have forty minutes to spare today as the fantastical shots of clothing and pretty faces combined with classical quotes from certain people (not mentioning taylor momsen on her star tattoo..”i can’t stand stars on clothing. i don’t like stars on anywhere else. i think they’re really contrived. but, for some reason, i got a black star.”) make for addictive viewing. here’s a run-through of my personal favourites…

Blake Lively: I want to be this girl. Or at least be friends with her

Megan Fox: Surprising and entertaining. Just listen to her intro

One of the Olsen Twins: Looking a little Woodstock on acid

Kristin Stewart: Just screams TEENAGE ANGST

Taylor Momsen: A must see. Confused youth talks bullshit while pouting. Have a sick bowl at the ready…‘be who you are and don’t be afraid to be aggressive about it’…now, is that really necessary Taylor?

Check them out and let me know what you think. Double points if you can find a quote to make us laugh!