Hm. This is a style that I’ve always kind of flirted with…the neat gold chains I used to layer around my neck for two years hinted at it…the silver hoops I bought a few months ago that stretched to a large one and a half diameter were remarked upon by friends…the bun placed precociously on the top of my head while lounging about at home would have been accepted by any ankle-basher-wearing wan…now however I’m going to take the next step into what I have just right now decided to call the ‘tallaghtfornia-technique’ and purchase myself a set of brilliantly gold soveriegns. I believe I can work them with the right outfits and when I do that I’ll move onto acquiring myself a larger pair of gold hoops…you know the ones that torque around in the hoop. The to’ally bleedin’ massiv’ chains might have to wait for awhile longer yet but I will be keeping my eye out for a gold ‘grace’ chain that I can thicken up my neck with.

A quick flick through threw up these contenders…

Obviously my name here would be Grace and not Isabella..though I would settle for a Jacintha

Yes. I’m definitely excited about experimenting with this.