So what are we all lusting about this week? Well you gotta read below to find out doncha?
Rebecca has her heart set on this Sonia by Sonia Rykiel creation. She’s a sucker for Leopard Print – “I blame my Mother for letting me watch too much Corrie back in the day and I developed a fixation on Bet Lynch”. Coat clocks in at a measly €441.60

Rebecca has also spied this adorable cloche hat on River Island. A little Driving Miss Daisy and a lot Heritage A/W 2010, this is a total winner for both warmth and retro cuteness…

Sarah is a rootin’ and a tootin’ for a pair of Cons. A wardrobe staple right? But only if you got the cash to flash as they clock in as quite expensive for footwear that really only has a shelf-life of 6 months (well mine do anyway…) Sarah is eyeing up a green pair – just to add a little pop of colour at floor-height and to veer away from the ubiquitous black and white. And coz she’s Oirish likes.

Aideen is lusting after this Peter Pilotto Torsion Beaded silk dress. Apparently it costs €3244, but what’s that in the face of looking beautiful? Alternatively check out the Sugar Daddy Business Plan. Sound financial advice in terms of acquiring ridiculously priced items.

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe…why must you nail it so? Every time? And give a gal a heart-attack each season when there is a whole slew of MUST-HAVE outfits? Although I have narrowed it down to one look  for emulation. What a way to update denim! I have the mans’ slacks, the denim shirt and the narrow belt. I have A waistcoat and I draw the line at wearing cowboy boots, but I need to acquire a camel coat ASAP.

Might have a moochy on ebay as I have recently discovered the emporium that is and bought a string of items that I definitely don’t need but I most certainly want. Like this vintage leather jacket which cost me in the region of about €25. It’s very bomber-y and I have the sense that my dad may have worn one just like it back in the 80’s.

Also, just had a pair of boots brought to my attention by a fellow shoe-fan. Irregular Choice – of the whimsical and playful footwear – have a line of boots out called Long Lashes and they are just adorable.

Super cute in a kinda Japanese way, with a hint of clog about them – perfect for bringing the clog trend into Winter and perfect if you actually hate clogs but still want to reference them – look how discreet the clog part is! They’ll be smashing for stomping around town in and will keep the little leggies warm when it starts to go Baltic. You should also have a browse through the Irregular Choice website – it’s like a cartoon game and the shoes have the most wonderfully ridiculous names like ‘Beans on Toast’ and ‘Frilly Knickers’. Some of the shoes are bit too elf-like for me, but still lots of showstoppers.