So as all the poor scholars head back to school, pencil cases and shiny new shoes in tow, I’d like to bring your attention to one huge PLUS to being back in the land of education. Rucksacks! Backpacks! Knapsacks! Majorly trending, majorly hawt and guess what – supremely practical. I am so sick of lugging around a ginormous handbag, walking at a horizontal angle, banging into old ladies and streetlamps, and catapulting off my bike as my bag dangles over the handlebars (long story involving the hospital and liver damage). How I have wished it was fashionably acceptable to use the sturdy, robust backpack. And now it is.  Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Ann Demeulemeester all declare it so.

Whoop Whoop for Mr Wang and Edgy Backpackery

Whoop Whoop for Vuitton and Tribal Backpackery

Whoop Whoop For Donna Karan and Minimal Backpackery

Ann Demeulemeester Classic Backpackery

Fossil doing Vintage Backpackery

And would you lookie here? I just gone and done myself a backpack on the S-L-Y. I rummaged around our attic and found a battered leather backpack used on Mc Ginn Family Holidays circa 1984. It wasn’t cool then, but it is cool now. Ha ha! No parting with a couple of hundred squids just to get the remodelled vintage look – I have it for real. And real means broken buckles, drawstrings and pockets – but who cares? It’ll probably be out of fashion by Christmas.

Mc Ginn Relic-Found-In-Attic Backpackery