Animal print, sequins, layers, colourful ankle socks and matching nail varnish. Who’s that? Me I hear you say? Why no, not I, but Anna Mc Ginn – the youngest of the Mc Ginn family. Seven years old and a Sartorial Beast in the making.

Pink socks with silver sequined ballet pumps?! Topped off with animal print leggings? I have been squawking about hot pink socks with animal print shoesies since Angela Scanlon did that amazing style story in Tatler magazine. Just the cheeky wink of pink for some colour pop and the ankle socks and animal print catapult you into fashion forward territory.  Animal print, a firm style staple, is a big trend for A/W and there is always a place in our hearts for sequins – Anna has it all going on. And would you believe – she painted her nails herself? And insisted they colour-coordinated with her socks. We have aspirations for her to be a world-champion tennis player, an international human rights lawyer or a highly acclaimed actress, but if these all fail,  there is definitely a career in styling ahead.