If you have ever been Debs Dress shopping you will understand the unbearable pain that is scrummaging through shops and towns trying to find a dress that doesn’t look like it was made in a factory that only manufactures silk, velour and bright colours. But is it only me who sees this nationwide problem? I have looked in a total of about 40 shops and still no luck. They are all: too colourful, too Euro-trash, too revealing and too much of an eyesore to even look at, let alone actually wear. My first experience of this horrible task took place on a cold, miserable (of course!) Saturday morning. I awoke with a throbbing headache (most likely because of the alcohol I had consumed the night before) and met with a friend who stank of ‘first-time debs shopper’ enthusiasm. Oh how the mighty will fall. We made our way up to Dublin only to be greeted by one atrocity after another. In the 6 hours we spent shopping, I think only one dress stood out for me –  a simple, royal-blue, floral beach dress! Maybe its the collections at this time of year or maybe I just need to hop on the sparkly satin bandwagon or maybe it was a simple case of THTT (too hungover too try). If anyone has suggestions of great, fantastic, and/or magical shops that only stock beautiful dresses, fitted to my exact size please let me know. Failing that, if anyone would like two tickets to the debs please don’t hesitate to contact me!

And these were some of the nicest…seriously!