So its that time of  year again…
The evenings are getting colder ( I had to put socks on last night as my toesies were cold – I harbour an allusion that calling them toesies makes them cuter). The nights are getting shorter and my anxiety grows.
As I have previously outlined, I do believe that the money fairies frequent our apartment and steal all my money.  However, this winter I have decided I am going to be sensible with my spending.

My Mother always told me that all you need is a good coat, a good pair of shoes/boots and a good handbag and everything else can be built around it.  I find boot and coat shopping impossible.  Every coat I want is always €300+ and boots – they are too high/low/chunky/shiny etc etc
So this year I decided I would start the hunt early and see what I could turn up.  I was having a browse through the mywardrobe site and stumbled across Vivienne Westwood’s offers – exactly what I am looking for but unless the money fairies start returning my money, the coating extraordinaire is well out of my price range.
Take a look below at her fabulous offers

1. Storm Coat

I love the strong masculine tailoring on this with the distinctive Westwood zig zag affect

2. Square Wrap Coat

The chunky belt and high collar make this look so snug yet stylish  – perfect if we have another winter like last one with freak ice and snow storms.

3. Butterfly Check Coat

I love the eighties style slouch and big shoulders – a perfect coat for funking it up on a night out without looking too bundled up…
If only wishes were €50 euro notes.