So Day 3…The Shoot. The Shoot is entirely deserving of Capital Letters as it was Totally Unnerving. Hands up who has sat watching America’s Next Top Model and cackled and screamed and gesticulated wildly at the TV? I certainly have. Well people, let me tell you, that modeling lark is really, really hard. It requires balls of steel, an army of stylists/ hairdressers/ make up artists/ photographers, a lot of deodorant and a s*%tload of Photoshop.
But there are a lot of perks….We were picked up in white stretch limousines – the actual ones used in the making of Denmark’s Next Top Model. Fact. We went to a studio space whereupon we were greeted by two handsome waiters who were quite forcibly hoisting champagne and chocolate and fruit platters on us. (We’re bloggers, not models, hence we are allowed to eat). We then had a debrief around the Round Table of Camelot about the plan for the day. Three shoots – one casual, one sexy, one group. All of the clothes had to be assembled by us from the upcoming ONLY collection, accessorized, and given a personal twist. Catch was, there was only one of everything. Meow.

Twas a little bit of a free-for-all scramble, not less because there were limited sizes. Perhaps all those cupcakes were not so helpful…We then had our hair and make-up done and were interviewed for the ONLY magazine in between shoots. At this point I would like to say that our every move was being filmed or photographed or somehow documented. So if you are prone to stress curls and shiny cheeks, or have Hobbit-like gnarled feet or chewed fingernails or have issues getting into skinny jeans gracefully…well it was all caught on camera.

So, for my casual look, I chose some khaki/ chino cropped pants, a khaki blouse and an aviator jacket. I lashed on more dangly silver necklaces than you could shake a stick at, a studded silver belt and my Office wedges. Now I HATE being photographed and I also HATE sharing photographs with the world, but I’m going to share these pics with you to demonstrate a number of things.

1. My uncontrollable fringe. I had to have one hairdresser on me at all times to try and tame my errant locks
2. Smiling HURTS. See pics of me grimacing between shots to try and relax my lip muscles.
3. Lights are HOT. See pics of me sweating.
4. Posing is RIDICULOUS.

Next shoot was sexy/ night-time wear. I went a little off track and chose a slick little leopard print dress with zip detailing and a denim shirt that had a little shoulder padding action. I wore a chainmail necklace and simple black wedges (manage the OTT effect). I of course had to feature my new Lulu Guiness cluth and you can’t see so well there, but I have shocking pink lipstick to match! We were supposed to be channeling ‘sexy’ and ‘fierce’ but as you can see, I’m kinda staring off into middle distance. Gotta work on my sexy.

And that’s a wrap. It was emotional, exhausting, fascinating, decadent, informative, stressful and realy quite fun. The ONLY team were absolutely fantastic, keeping the atmosphere light, relaxed and supportive at all times. The whole idea of reaching out to fashion bloggers directly and acknowledging the increasingly important role of the fashion blogger was very progressive. The event was an affirmation of our role in the fashion industry and the importance of an honest, genuine medium of communication that blogging represents. So although I did reap the rewards (and the champers and the sushi and the stretch limo), the event was really a step forward for fashion bloggers everywhere. You have been saluted!