Clare Kambamettu - 51st Rose

(I have never heard that Father Ted quote bandied about so much as I have over the last few days…)

Now let me preface this post by saying I have nothing against the Rose of Tralee (except the fact that at 26 you’d be too old to enter it). On Monday I was listening to Sinead Gleeson on The Last Word and she raised a very valid point. The Rose of Tralee is a representation of women that you don’t usually see on TV. And it’s true. The Hills, The City, Big Brother and yes even Sex and the City… they’re all less than flattering representations of the female form. It IS refreshing to see women on TV who aren’t trying to dumb themselves down so that people like them better. It’s bloody brilliant actually.

But Christ on a bike through charity work is the Rose of Tralee twee…

I caught a few minutes of if when waiting for a train and then managed to catch the crowning of Clare ‘Total Stunner’ Kambamettu later on. Those few minutes that I did see, I watched through my fingers. The incessant waving, the poem recitals and the diasporic crap was bad enough… but the DRESSES. Oh Lordy! They were the Lovely Girls Competition incarnate.

It’s probably fair to say that when all us Irish ladies were wee ‘uns, we watched the Rose of Tralee thinking THAT was exactly what we wanted to look like when we grow up.

Now that I have grown up, I understand that that’s how my mother wanted me to look. And our mothers, while some very fashionable indeed, can all be members of the Bridesmaid/Debs Dress Appreciation Society.

Now at this point I feel like I should shut up, because I’m only going to start saying ugly things. And that’s not very becoming of a lady.

But if the branding hadn’t been as strong as it was, I wouldn’t have thought I was watching the Rose of Tralee 2010… I’d have thought I was watching an episode of “When Bad Dresses Happen to Good People.”

(Except for the winner’s dress. Clare yours was just inside the bounds of acceptability. Thank you and God Bless you.)

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