I know it’s wrong, I know it’s childish and petulant, I know it’s futile…but I must share with you some deliciously wicked ‘hipster’ piss-taking. I have a conflicted attitude to trend-heads*. At once I admire their commitment to outlandish aesthetic and resolute self-belief, but equally I detest their commitment to outlandish aesthetic and resolute self-belief. But I’ve ranted before about this and no doubt I’ll rant again about it, so for the moment take a look at these –
* trendies, scenesters, so-cool-it-hurts types…

Vice magazine have decided to search for new terminology around the word ‘hipster’ as apparently a load of hipsters have taken against this word and are spewing bile all over Twitter about it. Vice magazine thought it would be timely to provide some much-needed alternatives. Check out the piece here.

Yep We Can is a satirical little website that has a cracking little section dedicated to the sartorial exploits of certain well-known ‘London types’. Obviously, it helps if you’ve spent any period of time in London, but still pretty frickin hilarious to the outside observer. The section is titled ‘Top Chumps’ – my personal fave is the ‘Art Collective’.