Friday Flash Lust: Leggings, Sailors and a little bit of decorum.

Myself and the Aidster (i.e Aideen…I’ve been watching a lot of Gavin and Stacy – where has it been all my life? – and I’ve adopted Smythy’s predilection for bastardizing friends names. See Gavalar and Pamalar for explanation) were fawning over the Sunday Times Style Magazine last night. I have a love/hate relationship with that mag. One the one hand, content is alarmingly flimsy, articles are trite and they have a very irritating habit of coining new phrases – ‘Trustafarian’, ‘Sloane Ranger’ ‘Gypsetters’ ‘Quasi-Sexual’. On the other hand, I love The Wardrobe Mistress, the Going Up/ Going Down Barometer is silly beyond belief, but admittedly accurate and Shane Watson is a pretty acerbic commentator – which I likee.

Anyway, getting to the point, Style were profiling designers new to Ireland, one of which is the German Marcus Lupfer…and we are lusting all over his shizz. Mainly the leggings. Oh the leggings. I don’t particularly like leggings (camel toe, VPL, knock-knees, jiggly thighs…everything on display), but these leggings are a cut above the rest. I want them all – the leather ones, the sparkly ones, the patterned ones, the sheer ones. Perfect complement to the knitted cable jumper which will be around for the winter, or if you wanna sexy up your military look, put a pair of these bad boys underneath. Must be accompanied by heels of dizzying heights natch.

Rebecca is liking this pretty little piece from Fran and Jane called the Dime Sailor Dress. Don’t see how the name corresponds to the actual look of the dress, but sure that’s why I’m not a Dress-Name-Maker-Upper. This peachy thing shall be debuting in the office environment on account of it being pretty but professional – a killer combination. It illustrates that not all work clothes have to be black and dull.

Naomi is all over the 1950’s trend for A/W 2010. Girlish, sexily restrained and an out-and-out flatterer of the female form, the 50’s Revisited is the look Naomi is most excited about heading into the Winter months. She’s gonna rock around the clock with Louis Vuitton as inspiration.