A letter from Jennie Mc Ginn to the topman at Topman. It follows an experience at the weekend in which two items were purchased after advice from the Sunday Times Style magazine to ‘check out the XS t-shirts in Topman’.

Dear Mr Topman,

Just a few questions for you, if you don’t mind.

Do you have a particular strategy for your staff?
Is it company policy to deliver service with a snarl?
Do your sales increase with lack of eye contact?
Does mumbling at customers help you reach your targets?
Is the aggressively indifferent slouch working as part of your long-term strategy?

Ahmmmmm…I’m going to guess NO

Perhaps it’s because I’m female?
Were the staff horrified because I was buying sales items?
Is it because I didn’t have an undercut/ tattoo/ nose piercing/ top shirt button closed?

Whatever the FOCK, sort it out.

Rudeness is SO unbecoming.