Don’t really know what to say.  Feeling an overwhelming sense of schadenfreude thinking about fashion at the moment. Vicious cycle of not having enough money, having some money, spending said money, feeling instantly guilty with the splurge, then empty, then lonely, then lusting after the next object to acquire/ squire. Affluenza much? Bloody good read if you haven’t gotten around to it. Oliver James charts our modern sickness. Prepare to feel self-loathing and fleeting enlightenment.

I am pretty happy about my Lulu Guinness clutch. I say pretty, as I’ve had it for over a week so the shiny-shiny-happy-happy effect has slightly worn off.

I am enamoured with this wood jewellery from a company called Morning Wood (I presume that’s a tee hee moment) I found on the web, particularly the Bam, Pow, Wham necklace…Retro Batman – WORD.

I also like some of the knuckledusters on the site, as the mighty ring is rearing it’s bloodies knuckles again this A/W and my current specimen from Galibardy has shrunk slightly (it’s not all that bare-knuckle boxing, I swear) As Sunday Times Style magazine noted, Browns has a great selection to choose from.  The Talon one below is my fave. Slightly more sophis than my Guns ‘N Roses version.

Quite happy to see the maxi skirt shall be around in the coming months. Aquascutum have the look I want. Slightly gothic, repressed, school marm. Nice matching expression too.

With the maxi its just refreshing not to have to do the summer DIY and maintenance – don’t get my wrong, I love a bit ‘o sun – having fun in the sun with my chums drinking rum is A1 – BUT my slight OCD tendencies get in the way a little…sunburn, ageing processes, cheap (but stylish) sunglasses with inadequate UV, spidery blue legs, too hot, too sunny, too warm…I’m an Autumn Winter gal through and through.

What else, what else, what else? Well, as I’m of to France for a few days for some rough ‘n ready living in the family camper van; there might be a scarcity of posts from le Mc Ginn girls as we’ll be too busy playing cards and arguing over who snores the loudest. But there will be lots of surfing and hopefully lots of stylish Frenchies to snap/ steal ideas from.

Oh and I can’t believe I haven’t ranted about this before now. The Will Smith Kids. Or – THE WILL SMITH KIDS: WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FOCK? Is it just me, or are these images just twatting RIDONCULOUS? I’m sorry, but they are actually freaking me out. The Smith Kids are mini versions of sexed-up Kidults. They are kids trying to be adult versions of slightly older kids who are trying to be adults and said adults are all the while trying to get down and be hip and sexy like the kids. It’s too much for the brain to handle. For more venting about the absolute wrongness of Child Fashion, listen to me stutter and squawk here.