Kate Queen of the Covers

I haven’t seen it on my local shelves yet but apparently the September Issue is out now. I have capitalised September Issue because I feel that since the RJ Cutler documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue (but REALLY a film about how amazing Grace Coddington is) came out around this time last year, it seems to have taken on a status that requires big letters.

I don’t know if it was on purpose, but in a world where magazines are losing readers (either by recessionary means or to the Internet) that film was quite the marketing coup. As it was, the September Issue was the magazine’s cash cow and following the hype, I’d say more people are buying it now than ever before. And look, here I am blogging about it as well, giving it even more attention!

Anyway, in brief, Kate’s on it cos she’s still the Queen, Patrick Demarchelier took the shots and this winter Vogue is pushing the coat.

(You might remember in the film, at the Vogue breakfast, Anna told all the department store bosses that they’d be pushing the jacket. Well this winter it’s bye bye jacket and enter the coat. I reckon there’ll be shedloads more camel coats knocking around this year too.)

The fifties are back. “No shit,” I hear you cry! Yup Vogue, don’t think we haven’t noticed the early-Mad-Men styling cropping up everywhere.You only have to look Miu Miu’s collection to see the references. Although apparently, Miuccia swears she’s never seen an episode of Mad Men. And then there was Beyonce’s Mad Men-y video… Not to mention the Rockabilly comeback. Luckily for us mere mortals, this trend is easy on the pockets. It’s easy to mimic the style by putting together various pieces, be they from Penneys or the back of your ma/gran’s wardrobe.

Oh and the word on the streets (read: online) is that the key look for this winter is minimalism. So no more piling on the bangles and cuffs then? Hmmm bare wrists, that’s an interesting one…

I’ll leave you with a bit of The September Issue proper… any excuse!