Peggy hits the bottle... of hair spray

Oh-Em-Geeeee! Mad Men is BACK! I am so excited I think I might have to go and lie down. The new episode is downloaded and ready for the watching. I cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen with the new agency, is Betty gonna end up with the minger and will Joan dump that no good sonuvabitch?

But most importantly what’s gonna happen with the FASHION? Oh lordy, by the looks of Betty’s new do, we’re in for some Jackie Kennedy worship.

Some photos after the cut….

Not too much movement here for Joanie so far...

Ooooh sexy new 60s decor for the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

More evidence of Jackie hair

happy birthday betty in real life

That last thar pic is from the Season 4 premiere party held in Times Square. Oh to have been soaking up the atmosphere of that event! There was even a Mad Men costume competitiion (judged by Nole Marin) where punters could win prizes for Mad Menifying themselves for the occasion.

Cigarette girls were on hand just in case you were feeling a little too 21st century

God I can’t wait to dig into this series… Bring it! Like… now!

*Hope the title of the post wasn’t too obscure. First one to get the reference gets a prize**

**a pretendy prize