So presumably the world and it’s mother has heard Bang Bang Bang? Mark Ronson and the Business International do disco-pop with help from Q-Tip and MNDR. Catchy as hell, but that’s a whole other box of subjectivity. The real focus of interest is MNDR or Amanda Warner – the emceeing lady with the glasses. You know the glasses I’m talking about. Big, white, round…Deirdre Barlow meets the Love Boat meets Santa Barbara. The question is, do we likey? They seem a staple of the songstresses look. And with the Ronson collaboration, MNDR is set to go global (Ronson has a knack of doing that for people eh?). We all know by now that Global Stardom = Automatic Style Icon, whether it’s a well-founded accolade or not. So are those glasses gonna explode on the trendscape? Personally, I’m not digging them. They hide her face and take ugly-fashion a step too far. I get nerd-core and geek-chic, but this is just ugly for the sake of ugly.