Naomi probably says "I know"

I cannot handle compliments at all. They make me feel embarrassed and awkward. Not to mention under pressure to return one STAT!

I’m sure ye’re the same. I know I’ve heard the following exchange from perfect strangers on numerous occasions:

“LOVE that top, it’s gorgeous on you!”

“This? God no… twas only a fiver from Penneys anyway. *quick, pay her a compliment back* You’re top is fab though, I love it”

In the words of Chandler Bing, could it BE any more pathetic? I used to think it was an Irish phenomenon but I’ve definitely heard some of my English/Scottish buddies have the same reaction .

My most recent example was just last weekend. I was chatting with a person I hadn’t seen in about two years. She loved my new hair colour and was very complimentary altogether. And what do I say? “Thanks ah but you know the maintenance on it is unreal. Very expensive to go back to the salon every 6 weeks to get my roots done, ya know?”

I just didnt know how else to react! If I said thank you and nothing else, there’d be a massive hole in the conversation. And if I didnt put myself  down in some way, maybe she’d think I fancied myself… or something.

I once witnessed an acquaintance accept a compliment with a thank you and smile and NOTHING else. The smug look on her face too was desperate. I don’t ever want to come across like that !

So where’s the middle ground people? Or do you reckon the status quo is just fine as it is?