Today wasn’t the most interesting of days for me. I woke up late, watched and re-watched old episodes of The Hills and The City, cleaned the kitchen and went into town to run a few errands for mother dearest. As I was driving along down the street, minding my own business and not really taking in the repetitive sights of my completely average town I came across a woman pushing a buggy. The woman was jogging down the street in a typically ‘motherish’ tracksuit sporting none other than high heel trainers. I was stunned, shocked, astounded and slightly amused. Maybe I’m being old-fashioned (well as old fashioned as my 18 years of life allow me to be) but I was truly shocked that in our completely average town I was seeing a 30 something-ish mother jogging down the main street in high heels. On seeing these odd, yet interesting, shoes that I was sort of aching to have on the runway a few seasons back I honestly thought that they were only meant for the runway (and by that I mean The Runway/Rihanna/Kate Moss etc… – Jennie made this point when she talked about being ‘Too Sexy for my Sweats’) But it looks like they are as ‘high street in‘ as parkas, cut-out swimsuits, bows, denims and one-shouldered dresses. And this surprisingly has put a smile on my face.

Even though I will not be one to sport these sporty heels I will take complete delight in seeing them on others (especially 30-something-ish mothers jogging down main streets pushing overflowing buggys). Although, beware: Ankle-Twisting is highly likely to occur whilst running. Also note that your fashion points will most definitely increase…mehh what’s a twisted ankle or two in exchange for that?