I want these Stella McCartney Golf Shoes. Ridonculous, I know. But here me out.  I have never played golf. Well except for Pitch ‘n Putt at Pirates Cove in Courtown. And the one time I went to a driving range, but I think I spent more time giggling at the men’s socks.  So not a luminous golfing career to date. But, if I did perchance want to take up the sport professionally, or semi-competitively (I don’t do things by halves), I would need to look the part. And these are just so cute. And they’re white, so I can virtually accessorize/ colour block to my hearts content. But failing that, I would gladly snap up these sexy, zebra-print runners. I do love a good zebra so’s I do. And I think they come with zebra keyrings – could a pair of runners get any better?

Aideen is in love with this Diane von Furstenberg dress, as championed by Blake Lively in lastest series of Gossip Girl. A bit floaty, a bit cheeky, a bit pretty, a bit racy. Rawwwrrrrr.

Sarah Mc has been eyeing up the Swatch Watch collection. Tutti Fruity Plastic Deliciousness. As seen in the almost-catfight in Challenge 1 of Style Wars as well as across celebrities-in-the-know everywhere (but NOT in Rihanna Rude Boy Video – rookie error, these are the pimped-up Casio-G watches). Swatch has been enjoying a rather hearty comeback and seem to have infiltrated  the cool zeitgeist by partnering up with all things hip and happenin’. Check out a competition they ran with magazines, including Nylon, Pop and Another, to create an inventive fashion shoot featuring the watches. Muchos cool.

Rebecca wants this River Island bikini for her upcoming holiday. She also wants Colleen’s killer abs and taut thighs. That is some serious commitment Colleen. Were you actually doing a spinclass when you gave birth?