Shannon Doherty eh? Remember her? You might ask what the above picture is for? And might well you ask. As it has no relation whatsoever to the actual competition. Which is 5 sets of tickets to A|wear’s Girls Night In in Galway on July 21st – an exclusive tete-a-tete in store to start the preparations for the Galway Races.  There shall be wining and dining and dancing (made the last one up), 20% off gear and guaranteed goody bags with products from Lindt, Soft and Gentle, GOSH, A|wear and more.

So how do you get your grubby mitts on this? We want the funniest caption to accompany the Shannon Doherty picture – we here at WWIWT feel it’s about time for a Doherty resurgence in the media.
Send your answers on a postcard to: The Den, Donnybrook Studios, Dublin 4. Joke. Anyone remember that though? Anybody send anything in? Get your captions in by MONDAY 19th, email will do.  We have a laughter machine to measure the success of your caption.
As the event is strictly confined to Galway, and you may not reside in Galway yourself, why not be a really nice person and play to win for someone you know? You’re guaranteed to make friends and not alienate people.