I’ve a tendency to waffle a bit when I’m writing so I’ll get straight to the point.
I want a suit. But not any old suit. A good suit. A sexy suit. A suit that makes me look competent, sharp and professional.
I bought a suit once. From Dunnes. It was black with blue pinstripe. I thought it was the shiz at the time. But changing from a job where I was standing and walking all day to one that required me to wear a suit meant I soon chubbied up and grew out of said suit. I haven’t had one since.Since I’ve started thinking about getting another suit I’ve gotten somewhat more grandiose in my choices. I have decided, with absolute certainty, that my next suit will be a Vivienne Westwood.

I’m currently torn between the Red Label or the Anglomania. I haven’t decided yet if I’d be able to pull off the wool plaid Anglomania but I’d be willing to give it a go. Its all a bit of a moot point since I can’t afford a pot to wee in at the moment, but a girl can always dream.

PS. If anyone has any idea of where I could look a other nice suits to fantasize about please please let me know!