It’s that time of year again for us post-Leaving Cert do’ers to shop. And no, not just to shop for the usual things – nice cosy new socks, summer jackets on sale in Penneys etc, but for a Debs Dress. As much as I do love shopping, I generally prefer the last-minute type of shopping. The type of shopping that has you scrabbling around in every pocket of every item of clothing to cobble together a few squids and thus affording that dress that you just cannot live without. But when it comes to P.T.A shopping (Pre-Thought-About shopping as I like to call it – i.e. when you have a lot of money and time and have your comfiest flats on) it never seems to work for me. It seems like the more money and  time I have, the less things I like in any particular shop. But then I discovered a website so fantastic I nearly wet myself. Last year when I went to a friends Debs, my good friend Sadhbh came across It stocks literally everything from mobile phones to gardening equipment and from hair wigs to ultrasound cleaner (you never know when you will need the latter). But most importantly it stocks dresses. And lots of them. To scroll down to the ‘celebrity dresses’ category is like entering heaven. Any dress that you have ever seen on ay red carpet of the Emmy’s or the Oscars or on Gossip Girl (well nearly any) is just a click away (well a click, a credit card, a p&p charge and about 2 and a half weeks away. But its oh so worth it!). Last year, both myself and Sadhbh ordered dresses from this website. They were both fabulous. Unfortunately mine wasn’t quite as satisfyingly accurate as the sample that was shown – the beading was all wrong and in a fit of self-pity (and rage) I decided to get rid of it with my own little safety scissors. I then redesigned it with two vintage brooches that i found in my mothers room and a pretty little hair band and I was in love again. The fabulousness I spoke of earlier was in the fitting. It was the most perfectly fitted dress I have ever bought. It hugged and flowed down my body in exactly the right way. Sadhbh’s dress on the other hand was truly perfect. It was simple and elegant and again fitted her like a glove. Below is evidence of the happiness that lightinthebox brought us!

So no more stressing over Debs dresses. Look no further than to find your perfect dress! (Wow! Reading back over that, the ‘Harvey Norman’ advertisement voice came into my head – apologies for sounding like a pushy salesperson)