So hipster magazine/ media empire VICE magazine are running a competition with Koppaberg to source the cream of up-and-coming talent merchants. Pioneers across film, photography, music and fashion platforms are being encouraged to enter the Koppaberg Klash which has a cash prize, live performances and a whopper party to cap it off . For the fashion section, finalists will be expected to compete in a live styling contest with the announced winner styling a shoot for  Pretty sweet. Check out some of the entries below ranging from high-fashion, artistic expression to more gritty urban shoots. The new generation of hipsters are somewhere below.

Back Alley Shoot - Blane Anthony Chapman

Boys with Boobs - Samuel Mitchard

Far Above the Clouds She'll Fly - Charlie Bland

Vintage Styling - Johnathon Pryce

Kaleidoscope - Zoe Jenkins

Native America - Krishan Parmar

Searching For Home - Chloe Torpey

Untitled - Amy Trinh