Well looks like Oxegen was the bloated, muck-infested, swamp party we have all come to know and prepare for. It seems that rainmacs and American-tourist ponchos were the order of the day if you had your wits about you. Rachel – our roving reporter of the weekend – noted it was basically all about the cover up for the first two days. Covers ups, wellies, waders, galoshes, rainhats, hiking jackets, fleeces and muck. Pretty difficult to work those trends into something stylish, particularly when you are covered in a heavy veneer of mud. Howanever, we got some suitable candidates below who managed to work their own kind of festival fever. Glasses were HUGE. Nerd glasses, kitschy glasses, Wayfarers re-imagined – there were homages to Chuck Berry, heart shapes and flower patterns. There was also a lorra lorra neon – neon facepaint for the indie kids was a pretty big feature over the weekend. We had some lace, some denim shorts, clashing knee-high socks under wellies, bumbags (I totes said they were gonna be HUGE and so practical for a festival…) Pixe-Lott style headbands, luxe handbags, wellies with heels (?! – fair play if you can balance) and a real-life, dyed in the Himalayan mountains, poncho. Not sure how that wool would have fended off the rain, but you gotta work with what you gots.  Drawn-on mustaches were also big news, as were multicolour mowhawks, German-themed World Cup outfits and naturally, high-vis vests as costumery extraordinaire. Aideen was working at the festival and got chatting to Kele of former Bloc Party, who was the picture of cool in red cap and acid-bright jumper, and new band Hurts, who were channeling a Kraftwerk/ Spandeau Ballet look and were so handsome it Hurts (hee hee). Bitches with Wolves really upped the glamour factor with multi-coloured cycling shorts and glitter capes. All-in-all, excellent effort despite totally hostile conditions. Check out our WTF stickers of approval – were you stamped?

Bumbags and style at the ready

Nerdcore to the maximus

Wellies with heels

Cute neon tees

Poncho+Sonic the Hedgehog = Interesting

Skullin’ It

A little stripey, a little floral, a little feathery, a little dangly. A1

Floral Shades. Teeth.

Mustaches – Hot

And it was only recently Rebecca was biggin’ up the Queen

Super Neon Happy Fun Times?

Aideen with Kele

Aideen with the very hot Hurts

Bitches with Wolves – Sequinned Superhero

Bitches with Wolves – Tour de France Cycle Chic?