Let me get one thing straight before I start my little rant on maxi dresses – I am average ish height, about 5’8 or so – by no means a giant, but going by the length of maxi dresses on the high street I am!! The single most difficult thing to find (for me) was a floor sweeping maxi dress, what is particularly frustrating about this is, that in my mind, no maxi dress looks right if it’s any shorter than floor length, it should skim the ground, the shoes (wedges, gladiators, flip flops, cons whatever tickles your fancy) should not be visible or at the most a flash of an embellished sandal is acceptable! Just a word of warning for all you who may be planning on purchasing!

I’m loving maxi dresses this season, but finding the perfect one did prove a little harder than I had first imagined! After a few gruelling shopping expeditions, I have had some success, so far this season I’ve purchased a tight fitting black jersey maxi from Miss Selfridges (perfect for layering), a Grecian style pale yellow flooring skimming flowing one from ASOS (which shrank after its first wash….. grrrrr.. Thankfully ASOS are replacing) and my most recent purchase is a purple and blue strapless bodice style one from Transpire boutique…
What I love is how forgiving the maxi is, hiding a multitude of sins, with the added bonus of not having to worry about fake tan disasters on the legs – a saviour, if you want to feel summery, on trend and are just too dam lazy to St Tropez those pins! What’s more, they are so easy and require little styling – bang on an oversized neckpiece, a few chunky bangles, gladiators, a little cropped jacket, shades and you’re good to go!

For a designer splurge, Missoni, Stella Mc Cartney, Hermes, Cavalli, and Alberto Ferretti all have AMAZING styles out, but there are so many copy cat versions on the highsreet ,there is no need to flash the cash to rock out this look. I adore the Breton styles (see Topshop for some yummy ones) but they are best for the straight up and down skinny mini’s among us – trust me I tried them and they are not forgiving!) Check out River Island for some great styles (but I lost the plot as none were long enough for me, they have a stunning cap sleeve purple and yellow tight fitting one, but alas I was too tall or should I say it was too short!!!!!), also check out Zara, H&M and Oasis. And a flick through ASOS is definitely worth your while, loads of styles, colours and shapes at giddy fit inducing low prices!

When it comes to colour, I’m a fan of the block colours as it leaves you free to bling it up whatever way you want, plus you’ll get more wear out of it – Layer it up with long cardi and oversized belt or a waistcoat (a denim one for the very on trend ladies), or a cropped jacket. Plus you’re free to dress it up for an evening occasion or down for a summer BBQ, festival fun or a day at the beach. What I did notice on the highstreet is that there are tonnes of hippy inspired floral versions, totally divine, but beware of the ‘over tiered’ effect, not only will it make you look about three times your actual size, but it’s likely you will be mistaken for a tent when attempting to be on trend for Oxygen!!

The key to the perfect maxi, in my opinion, is in the hang and the cut, If your shorter, (my dear friend pointed to me lately that I have failed to acknowledge the smaller chicas among us) don’t be afraid of the maxi, I think what really helps here is wearing a cropped jacket or cardi in a contrasting colour as it will make you appear taller, do not go for tiered versions, and don’t be as scared of versions that aren’t floor skimming (unlike the taller ladies, who can end up looking gawky if your maxi isn’t long enough) plus for a fail safe extra few inches, throw on a massive pair of wedges…

At the mo, I’m alarmingly obsessed with this blue one shouldered La Perla number- wow think of the options, dress it up, dress it down, its fricking stunning… I want I want I want!

Fellow contributor Rebecca gives her run-through of the Maxi and the Short Person…read below