Good lord, we have ourselves a veritable Shorts Idol this week. All the McGinns are getting into the Oxegen feel of things, by the looks of it. These shorts are from Bitching and Junkfood and Jennie is lusting after them something rotten. I’m not surprised, they’re fab. I’ve got some hot pink wellies for Oxegen, these shorts would be fab to toughen up the sugar-sweetness of the boots. Well spotted Jennie, I shall join you in my lusting.

Rachel has a thing for these black sequin Birger Mikkelson shorts. Can you imagine the horror of getting muck on these though? They’d would however, be totally amazeballs for a non-muck fest gig. So many possible outfit combinations, so little time….

ticking all the boxes

Lorna is not only lusting after this denim dungarees/playsuit hybrid, at £25 she could totally get inside those pants (see what I did there?)

Sarah is on another denim shorts tip. These are no-messin studded Elliot Denim shorts though. I wonder what it’d be like to sit down in them.

are you there glasses? it's me aideen

Poor aul me. My Friday Flash Lust has a particularly painful slant… Get the tiny violins out…

So I went to Barcelona. I’d worked a shedload of hours just before heading away and decided fock it, I was on holidays. I DESERVED to forget about being thrifty for once and just bag these bad boys – I’d been lusting after them for so long.  So part with money, I did. e130 to be precise. Only to lose them exactly a week later in the Cineworld. They haven’t turned up in Lost Property (sure why would they?) so they’re out there somewhere… on someone else’s head. Boo!

Anyone else ever buy something that went walkies only after being bought? Hurts donnit?