kate, stop pretending you aren't freezing.

It’s nearly midnight and I’m STILL trying to suss out what I’m gonna wear to Oxegen tomorrow. It’s raining OF COURSE so that puts a giant pleurisy-shaped hole in my wardrobe plans. But lads you know how it goes, you’ve been there same as me: you get a great outfit together and then just have to throw an aul hoody and rain-jacket over it cos you’re turning blue with the cold.

Well here at WWIWT we wanna see what you lads are doin outfit-wise. Have yis managed to join comfort and style together in holy matrimony for one weekend only? Send us your snaps to whatwilliweartoday@gmail.com and we’ll be havin us a little fashion show next week here on the blog – your outfit could be immortalised forever (well in HTML code on the wordpress server, anyway.)

C’mon! Let’s be havin ye!