Brian Coldrick is a superfanstic illustrator. I am not. I am a fashion junky. Brian is not. (I think) And by the Beard of Zeus somehow these two realities converged to create one junked up, superfantastic fashion illustration. And when I say ‘converged’, I mean it went like this:

‘Brian, can I pay you to draw me a picture’
‘Absolutely, whaddya want?’
‘Um, something about fashion’
‘Okaaaaaaaay, anything more specific?’
‘Well, some like, fashion-y stuff, like trends and things. Like style y’know. And FASHION’
‘Riiiiight. Well I’ll get back to you so’

And he did – et volia – one brilliant piece of magic, that encapsulates the bonkers nature of fashion by channeling Clockwork Orange and Bladerunner and the almighty game of chess – one fashion move wrong and you’re out.

So the reason I came into contact with Brian is because I commissioned him to illustrate a report I did for Kildare Library and Arts Services last year – ‘Not Only Adults Drink Tea: How young people in Kildare engage with the library and arts services‘. I did lots of focus groups with kids and teens where they created their ‘perfect’ space* and did lots of arty stuff to communicate their needs. Brian interpreted all of the material and created a bangin’, magazine-style report with right-on caricatures and illustrations. Pretty awesome.

*Perfect space included cinema, roller-coasters, pool tables, motorcross, karaoke and skateboard pipe.

If anyone has any desire to read it, you may access it here. It’s really interesting. Ok no, but definitely mildly interesting and very important. Check out some of Brian’s little characters below. He also showed me some of his previous work including wedding invites he did for his mates, some stuff for Totally Dublin and his personal paintings. He is definitely doing my wedding invites, even if I can’t find the groom. And he has an upcoming exhibition with Monster Truck called The Temple – Check it.