oh how i have missed you...

oh how i have missed you...

A week from now I will be standing in an over-crowded, smelly, disease-infested  field in the middle of nowhere. I will be ankle deep in mud,  isolated from hygiene-friendly toilets and clean, dry clothes. The only food to be consumed will be €15 hamburgers, which, strangely enough considering the price, taste pretty sick. Oh good god, the excitement is overwhelming!  This glorious event (as we all know) is known as Oxegen. Or as I like to call it OXEGENO 2K10 BABY!!!! ♥ (well not really I just thought it’d be fun to say)

– One small note. I do not actually have a ticket for this epic 3 day festival yet but I am very willing to accept/beg/barter for any tickets. Your help would be very much appreciated. thank you.

Asides from the obvious attractions of Oxegen which include the AMAZING bands that perform – think Fat Boy Slim, The Prodigy, Eminem(whether he will actually turn up is anyone’s guess), Kasabian, Muse, Florence + The Machine etc etc…what really gets me excited is the outfit preparation. Unfortunately, this involves doing various jobs around the house – for example,  tackling a certain someone’s bedroom (you know who you are) babysitting the wee cousins, scrubbing each window till they shine, whatever – to raise money for my cause (G.R.A.O.T. – Get Rachel An Oxegen Ticket. Quite catchy eh? ) I really do have better things to be doing with my time. Although I really should be hassling MCD, constantly calling and/or emailing them saying how the uproar from Oxegen each year keeps the newborn baby up, how quite often we stumble upon some passed-out festival go-ers in our field, anything until they eventually cave in and give us a free Oxegen ticket or two. Maybe three. Seeing as how we do live a few fields over from Oxegen, these complaints could be very well true!

Right so check-list for having a supercool outfit…

1) No mad, patterned wellington boots for me. I prefer plain-jane navy, green or, already shown in Friday Flash Lust, pink wellies. Of course to go with these wellies, some awesome looking over-the-knee socks – cream possibly? Wouldn’t it be nice if, for one year, just the one, it didn’t rain? Allowing us to bin the unsightly wellies and finally we could wear…gladiators! Ohh if only..

2) One uber cool playsuit fo sho. Just like this one I got on sale last week at Debenhams for only €29 if I remember correctly (score!) Thank you Debenhams. This playsuit has already been over-worn (and why not?!)

3) Accessories and lots of  ’em.  A nice hat is what I need. A good ole straw hat. It will  most likely be  taken from the top of my head within the first hour of being at Oxegen, but at least I’ll arrive in style yeah? This hat from asos.com really gives an air of  ‘I’m one cool-ass festival chick and I know it’ and I gotta say, I love it! Layer on bangles, rings, headbands – whichever is your poison. I’d advise not all of them as you may just look like Pixie Lott in a scrap with Lindsay Lohan.

stops a lovely red nose while looking oh-so cool

bangles at the ready

4) Hmmm some other vital essentials might be a tad important also. About 48 rolls of toilet roll,  face wipes-for when you don’t have time to wash (who does?), sun cream – just in case the weather in Ireland decides to Cop On, as many plasters and spare socks as you can possibly carry (wellies can be almost as painful as heels, I have the scars to prove it…) and maybe, just maybe, a hairbrush? Although matted, knotted, sticky, fluffy bedhair is all part of the charm…

Guess I’ll be seeing you mad yokes at Oxegen. Have fun. Not too much fun..