So Kings of Concrete took place over the weekend and if you wanted a yardstick of how cool Ireland has the potential to be, this was it. Every sort of hip and happenin’ body flocked to the 2-day urban arts festival. I don’t remember the kids being this cool when I was young. There were piercings and undercuts as far as the eye could see and the prevalent mode of transport were cons and neon nike high-tops. Caps were a high velocity presence as were giant plastic shades and skateboards accessorized the look. To be fair, the atmosphere was friendly, enthusiastic and bouncing: none of the too-cool-for-school trendies, just a gang of dancers, boarders, graffers and dj’s spreading the love.

In terms of actual fashion, Bella Go Go, above, was sporting a fabulous, vintage hat that clashed perfectly with the modern short-shorts and nose piercing.  The two teens below demonstrated the importance of cons, and worked the great, knitted crop-top from Topshop into a more urban vibe.

The rockabilly, 50’s inspired headband was definitely trending at the festival, and this girl worked it with some great hoop earrings and a mighty eyeliner flick.

Dang camera spazzed out at this moment, but the cute couple below worked the neon runners, skateboard accessory (i kid, i kid) and the gurlfrennnn sported ripped tights, braces and the septum nose-piercing. They looked great, but maybe better in technicolor rather than bleach.

Just some general snaps of the festivities below. Serious effort went into the organizing and what an amazing use of the amphitheater at Wood Quay. There was some incredible live graffiti painting, lots of buff skater boys (some even went feral with topless skater action), a kid of about 10 who took break dancing to a whole new level, rollerbladers and pretty inventive parkour. Sigh, to be young and cool once more…