it shouldn’t work…the pink is loud and vulgar, the back straps suggest trailor trash, the padding doubles over as body armour and the front clip mocks all notions of irish prudism.

my new victoria’s secrets bra is  everything that a bra shouldn’t be and would quake the 5-inch louboutins of many a fashion publiscist and front rower. but this new bra is my new superbra. a celebration of my inner ‘ja-cin-tha’ fused with my penchant for a splash of fluoro. and of course resulting in a neater bosom. exciting. of course the subtleties us irish were innately born with due to our catholic heritage meant coupling this wonderousbra with a safe and happy summer dress. i think the hint of trouble makes it all the more inrtiguing though. ooh don’t you just love a new bra.

straps a go-go

hott hott pink

the secret in question