I am struggling to coordinate the typing action with my fingers as a result of a ginormous* hangover. Just the one pint for me please. Ah go on, maybe one more. Well it’s my round anyway, so I may as well have a top up. Sure you’re only twisting me arm etcetcetc. The result is that I cannot be ARSED writing witty, endearing meanderings to accompany Friday Flash Lust. Rebecca wants a D+G 50’s style swimsuit, Lorna wants a Halston clutch, Rachel wants some purple Hunter wellies for Oxegen, but will realistically wear the Lidl version that have been left at the bottom of the garden since last year. I want the day to be over, but failing that, a dirty Irish fry. Yum yum, pigs bum, as me mammy used to say.

*has ginormous been granted a placement in the Oxford dictionary yet?