The latest scribe to join the  pre-pubescent blogosphere is none other than the offspring of a one  Madonna Louise Ciccone.

Yep Lourdes Leon is “4 realz” excited about it too. Now some of you might remember my Tavi rant some months back. You might be expecting to go berserk over the very idea of Lourdes tap-tapping away on the latest Macbook (errr that’d be the iPad, no?) about her fashionable thoughts… but no. Her (inaugural) post is just plain endearing. Her writing is cute and Bebo-esque and makes me think of a little sis trying on blogging for size.

Now it’s not quite true to say that her blog is a blog-proper. It’s actually an extension of a web site set up to promote the new mother-daughter (that’s Mad and Lourdes obvz!) fashion line that the two of them are embarking upon. It’s called Material Girl and you can check it out here.

Doesn't Lourdes look insanely like Meadow Soprano here??

Now THAT angle is a little tacky to me. The whole “I’m a mega star and have no problem putting my 13 year old child out there. Plus isn’t a mother-daughter clothing line the coolest, neatest middle-American thing a mom can do? And isn’t it actually all about me in the end anyway?”

But I don’t think I have the rant in me today.

The launch is happening in Macy’s NYC on the 3rd of August. Of the collection Madge has said “It’s not complicated. It’s dressing in layers. It’s not looking like you took too much time thinking about what you’re wearing.”

Right so.

I haven’t yet managed to find out who they’ve collaborated with to come up with the line. But it’s not breaking any boundaries so I doubt they paid Jean Paul Gaultier for his input.

The Daily Mail will have something to say about the length of that skirt

Prob Lourdes' My Chemical Romance concert outfit

Not a hint of Desperately Seeking Susan here at all

It has to be said though. Lourdes is only feckin beeyooorifull. That girl’s gonna break a few hearts I tell thee. Goddammit I wish I could have looked this cool at 13.