wearing shades cos looks can kill

Gah! Too many people love this woman! Can somebody please tackle Joe Zee and help him understand that Olivia is EVIL. Poor aul Erin does her best. It could be time for a strongly worded email sent in the direction of MTV, suggesting Kelly Cutrone takes Olivia on for a week in People’s Revolution. Holy moly, that’d be such great TV.

The source of my vitriol must surely be a shared exprience. Doesn’t everyone know someone like this in the work place? Does the minimum, takes credit for other people’s work, arrogant beyond belief and doesn’t feel embarrassed that certain people know she’s a fraud… I may have to start carrying around a cold wet cod, just on the offchance I ever encounter her and have the opportunity to deliver a swift but mighty slap of the face.

Erin: addled

Whitney: trampled on

Credit where credit is due though. I have to say fair play to MTV though  for creating a character as loathsome as Spencer Pratt.

And we haven’t been this spoiled for fashion porn since SATC. Ooooh I loves it, I do.