Elly Jackson aka La Roux performed at Viktor and Rolf’s Men Spring Summer Collection 2011 in Paris the other day. It’s not a surprising choice of artist to make an appearance at their show given her androgynous look and her schtick.

It looks like it may be the first appearance of many. It seems the design duo have adopted her as their new muse.  (Apparently they wanted her in high heels for the gig though. Elly flatly refused. God I crack me up.)

Yes yes so anyway this muse business is down to her being the very embodiment of the brand at the moment, so the two fellas told W magazine.

I know people are generally a lot thicker than we like to give them credit for but I really wish the V&F team had tried a more subtle approach with their marketing. All brands attach themselves to celebrities through advertising, but this “we know cool bands” thing is laaame.

It’s like yer woman in Mean Girls saying “I’m not like the other moms, I’m a cooool mom!”

Singing for Chanel, Oct 2009

Last year when Chanel took on Lily as the face of their brand, dressed her head to toe in their gear and had her sing at their shows, I thought Oh please Chanel! Your blatant attempt to make the youf buy your stuff is sooo transparent.

You can just imagine the marketing meeting can’t you?

“We need a fresh face for the brand”… “We need them to know we don’t just make Angela Lansbury suits.”… “We make young-people clothes and SURFBOARDS“… “Lily is so hot right now”…

It’s a great gig for Lily and La Roux though. Enjoy the free threads ladies. I’d sing for them anyway if I were you!

I know I’m half ranting, I just, ya know, prefer the traditional means of advertising where actresses and singers wear the designs, implicitly bigging them up. Like how Alexa and Sienna get sent all those handbags and can then be seen toting them around town. I’m even down with product placement.

This latest move by the design houses though is cringey. Reminds me of people at school who used to name check bands to try and get in with the cool crowd.