Hi peeps, apols for my lack of blogging of late. I worked almost twelve days in a row before heading off on mi vacaciones to Barcelona, and now I need another holdiay to get over the madness. (Sonar I both love and blame you for my present state)

Yeah I know, you can hear the tiny violins but I’m basically apologising in advance for a meandering blog post. My brain is still mush. I’m afriad today, there’ll be no whimsical turn of phrase coming your way here…

First up I thought I’d have a quick go at  Elle magazine for doing a piece on Sonar street style while clearly not being at the actual night time event itself.

Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe  I’m just jealous that everyone looked so fab and it aint possible to post a single photo of myself and my attire due to an acute case of messiness (they’ll be in the friends only album on facebook to help us cohorts fill in the blanks.)

Though in fairness, I think Elle snapped these chicas at Sonar by Day which is a different ticket to the main gig and at a completely different venue (anyone is gonna look good during the day before all the madness kicks in, wha?)

Pah! Anyway I’ve cobbled together just TWO photos that were taken from my mate’s facebook (taken by Georgina Cook) at Sonar by Night. The norms* were wearing:

Steph, Claire and Ida looking fresh as the sun came up (you be-atches!)

Jacks snap (see more here)

Next year, I’ll sort out some proper snaps before I let myself succumb to the madness, I promise.

*by norms i mean us mere mortals that don’t have boats, and private jets and gold bullion as door stoppers.