So it’s been a fitful week. France are OUT. Greece are OUT. Italy are OUT. Sarah started a new job. Jennie had a full-blown barney in her place of work. Aideen is possibly still hungover from Sonar. Bex qualified as a solicitor. Items of lust potentially informed by this.
What’s on Your List?

Aideen is  not really lusting after anything in particular this week…(that’d be the hungover lethargy masked as nonchalance)

But if she had to choose:

1) Mc Queen Celtic Lace Leggings ( e120 smackeroos)

2) The Topshop “subsitute” (e26.60)is clearly not the same as the Mc Queen leggings, but she’d settle for them… you could team them up with similar stuff. Like those amazing Alexander Wang boots she’s been pining for.

Naomi is having a conniption fit over these bloody AMAZING Gianmarco Lorenzi stilettos – may leave you unable to walk for days after.. but wow.. check these bad boys out!! This is what you call an architectural masterpiece!!!!!’  They retail at about €690!

Bex is now a fully qualified solicitor. That is Very Serious. Very Serious Indeed. In retaliation, Bex is lusting after these cute retro chic Chloe shorts. And guess what else? They are ON SALE. Could these Chloe shorts get any better?

Sarah has started working in an office. And, as of yet, unfamiliar with the incomparable irritation of trying to type with rings. Possibly as irritating as your neighbour playing soft rock until 10 in the morning. True story. Anyway the innocent Sarah is longing for some rings of the stacking kind…when she says ‘some’, she means ‘many’. As in: ‘as many rings as you can shake a stick at’. Below are the fabulous Daisy stacked rings, mentioned by Angela Scanlon in Irish Independent a little while back, and also on Grazia 5pm quick-fix. V. hot.

Jennie detailed her dying shoe collection in a previous post. She is lusting after shoes. Not picky, not fussy. Any and all, but perhaps the entire River Island collection, which is just MEGA at the moment. Can we bring back mega? Is it time yet?

1) Red Perforated Boots, somewhere around the €50 – €70 mark

2) Spike, chain, stiletto,  somewhere around the €50 – €70 mark

3) Something-something, lace cut-outs I think? Somewhere around the €50 – €70 mark

4) Miu Miu knock-offs,  somewhere around the €50 – €70 mark