‘Boyfriend up that look’

If there is one purchase all you stylish ladies need to make this season (if you haven’t already done so that is) it’s the boyfriend blazer, ah yes I hear you all say nah, last season,  the moment as passed, its dated, but I beg to differ my friends… Here me out…

The ‘boyfriend’ look aka the oversized look which is designed to ooze this notion of “yeh I am just so cool, I just grabbed this outta my guys wardrobe and threw it on” … “see how incredibly effortless I look”?!!…when in fact it’s likely you pounded the streets looking for that perfect baggy jean that made you look oh so skinny and just oh so effortless! This trend as been with us now for the last number of seasons, and I imagine the majority of us caved into the boyfriend jeans (mine were River Island.. and wow they are comfy, but by no means stylish) They are ridiculously low slung at our hips and hideously baggy on our behinds, but we did it. What I like about the blazer look is that it’s a much more sophisticated, chic twist on the trend, a homage to your man’s wardrobe while still maintaining feminine allure.

The boyfriend blazer is simply perfection worn with a short, figure hugging bodycon, (in my imagination I’m dreaming of Di Milo, Herve Leger, Roland Mouret), whatever your dress of choice, the key is to ensure your blazer skims just below your bum and about 4/5 inches above the end of the dress.

The boyfriend blazer is also scrumptious worn with cigarette leg trousers, cropped or full length, or fail safe denim skinnies and skyscraper stiletto’s, this is a look that will take you straight through to Autumn/Winter, just swap the heels for knee high boots and hey presto.  For the rest of summer the boyfriend blazer is super cool contrasted with an uber girly patterned dress, a high waisted print skirt (channel the urban warrior/ Amazonian look) or shorts (think Whitney Port’s outfit on her first runway show.. wow what an epidode of The City!!). For a funky, stylized take on an evening look, why not throw on your blazer over a long evening dress or Carrie inspired over a cocktail dress… It adds an edge and takes the more clichéd ‘evening’ look from your ensemble! Just don’t couple up that blazer with anything too matching… unless you’re actually wearing it to a business meeting!

The boyfriend rules…..

1. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves… Possibly the most crucial element of the boyfriend blazer trend. Rolling or pushing up the sleeves on the blazer goes to balance out the look by implying that the sleeves would otherwise be too long for your arms; also exposing the wrists to make the look more feminine. I also heard Gok rambling on about how it somehow makes us look skinnier.. so hey, I’m game! What’s more you can find some sleek-looking blazers that have to-die-for linings all over the high street. Show them off with one or two rolls of the sleeves. Plus you will eliminate the preppy, office blazer look and make it your own.

2. Watch out for Joan Collins remakes. The boyfriend jacket is a throwback to the ‘80s, but the last thing you want to do is try to single-handedly bring Dynasty back to life. Shoulder pads reign on the runways, and I must admit I am a big fan, but if they’re not your cup of tea, pick a style you’re most comfy in – whether you’ve got a little extra padding up there or not.

3. Make it oversized, it is not meant to nip or highlight any curves…I know very obvious point, but many of us are afraid to wear something oversized as we think we will loose our shape, but the contrary is true, as I said, I think the key is to just pair it with something relatively slim fitting underneath.
So if you are planning to invest, I guess black is the most sensible color, but hey when were the words fashion and sensible ever uttered within the same breath?! My heart is set on a stunning silk chilli red blazer by Jasmine Di Milo, which also comes in black, and a sheer grey. This delicious piece retails for €595 and is only stocked in Clothes Peg boutique in Sutton, Co Dublin or if you’re in London you’ll catch Di Milo’s collection in Harrods. (She’s Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayyad’s daughter!!) For a more realistic, recession friendly purchase, there are tonnes of options on the highstreet.. Go for one with wide lapels – it creates a more streamlined look, or go for double breasted worn open, for just hint of prep, but with a chic edge. If your feeling disco, deffo check out the sparkly versions, Penneys have silver and black versions at the mo – perfect for dressing up a simple dress for a night on the tiles!

More recently, I have become memorized by the romantic pastel colours which are hijacking the highstreet, pale pinks, baby blues, corals, nudes.. yum yum! After deciding I wanted to find the perfect pale pink blazer with a highstreet pricetag but in Jasmine Di Milo’s vision (I know wishful thinking, I nearly drove myself mad on the pursuit!!) And so the mission began, from online to highstreet, I checked ‘em all out… I finally found a pale dusty pink one in Warehouse, great length, double breasted but disappointingly with no nice lining, as many of the black variations have… But I’ve thrown it on with my skinny white jeans, my grey highwaisted mini skirt and pumps and I am decidedly content!

There are two schools of thought here.. Either you bite the bullet and invest in a good one (Reiss have some amazing styles as do Ted Baker) or you compromise and buy cheaper, but see then my friends you have the option of buying a pink one, a black one, a sparkly one… hmmmmm…. You see where this is going!!!