once again i must apologise for my absence from whatwilliwear as i have recently been finishing up my leaving cert and thought i probably should dedicate some time to studying. so with the memory of exams quickly fading away and the lure of summer (and the rest of my life) awaiting me, i cannot but be excited at the prospect of throwing out my uniform in exchange for some fresh, fun, funky, fabulous outfits. holiday shopping always excites me even though i usually only end up with a few bikinis and t shirts which inevitably end up lost by the end of summer.but it has to be done. so off i went to penneys (of course) and was honestly quite shocked at how much they let me down. of course i was expecting the odd luminous bikini but i must say penneys was awash with brightly coloured, in your face, tacktastic bikinis (without the tastic). oh and the odd yellow and red bikini with español imprinted on the ass. after trekking through shop after shop i came to the conclusion that i would have to rely on faithful asos.com to do me proud.and so it did! where would i be without asos? scanning through pages and pages of dresses, shoes, accessories, trousers, jackets and of course bikinis from the comfort of your own bedroom is just a dream. my experiences with asos.com has been a love-hate relationship.  i can always find something to purchase (or sometimes just admire) but it doesn’t always live up to my expectations, we sometimes don’t get along (incorrect sizing, expensive postage&packaging, unflattering shapes etc..) but we always manage to come to an arrangement. and so do two of my friends with asos so it seems. both of them went bikini wild, purchasing everything and  anything.

no colour was too bright, no metallic was too bling,  no shape too insane. and when they arrived (on time i might add) they fit, felt and flattered amazingly on them.

i then went on a whimsical buy and found a beautiful little beige blazer (which no doubt i needed, i mean what would anybody do without a little beige blazer? it was a necessity if anything). 

now all that’s left to do is pack. as much as i love love love shopping for holidays (and going on holidays too) the thought of packing usually sends a shudder up my spine. this isn’t any normal type of packing as well, this is sixth year holiday packing. this is bare minimum. its  less ” do i have something for meals with the parents, something for sightseeing, something for jogs on the beach”….and more “do i have enough paracetamol for the morning after, big-ass sunglasses to cover the bleary eyes and enough dry shampoo for those mornings when you just can’t be bothered washing your hair”. and then of course the mandatory too many bikinis, sun hats, chunky chains and gladiators – more than any group of 10 friends could ever possibly need. well we shall just have to wait and see how it goes i guess. watch this space for updates on that eastern european style! (im off to budapest)