nifty thrifty

job-hunting is hard. and tiring. and i am easily distracted from it.

actually if it wasn’t by fluke that i managed to get a job in a zoo today i’d say my american dream would be cut short due to lack of income. but it isn’t really my fault. i’d blame it on chicago and all the crazy alternative shops they have…thrifty vintage meets army surplus, hard metal clobber meets tattoo parlour, hookah pipes meet organic tops. in fairness there really was no way my friend eilis and i could be expected to ignore some of what thrifty chicago had to offer. here are just a few photos of what caught our eyes…

twas a bit of a hat bonanza..working a dolila dolittle

an army straw hat i took a particular fancy too..think it could be the next big thing no?!

some mc hammer meets rihanna boxing pants. think i saw the exact pair in vogue a few months back

so tempted to purchase one of these redneck bombers

to wear under the bomber with a shotgun of course

or these shotgun shoes might do

hm.i think i’m a bit too interested in a bit of hillbilly fashion. might have to pull a sickie off work soon to have another sconce around the shops!